The Physician Executive’s Coach, Inc. (PEC) was founded in 1996 and formally incorporated in 1998 in Colorado. It exists to provide leadership coaching and closely related services to physicians in, or aspiring to leadership positions in academic medicine. Through 2023 David has coached more than 300 individual physicians at more than 50 different academic medical centers, working principally with individuals but on occasion with the leadership team members of the principal coaching Candidate.

MyPrimeTimeCoach, LLC was founded by Linda Bachrach after 25 years in Higher Education Development, and is a subsidiary of The Physician Executive’s Coach, Inc. Linda provides life coaching services to women and men who are contemplating and planning career and life transitions, including shifts in careers and transition from work to ‘pro-tirement’…life beyond work. Linda and David have been married for more than 54 years.

Incorporated in Boulder, Colorado in 1998, PEC and MPTC relocated to Del Mar, CA in August 2022 and is now registered as a California company and continues as a Federal/IRS designated S-Corporation.

In 2019 Allen Lichter, MD joined David as a Senior Associate Coach and they have worked together with a number (7) of physician leaders in academic medicine. David and Allen continue to work independently of one another, as well. Allen’s bona fides are attached. Allen and David have known each other since the mid-1980s when both were at the University of Michigan Medical School.

In 2022, Brian Zink, MD joined The Physician Executive’s Coach, Inc as an Associate Coach working in collaboration with David on a number of leadership coaching initiatives. Brian, who will retire from the University of Michigan Medical School in the Spring of 2024, also coaches and consults independently of the Physician Executives Coach, Inc. on a limited basis. Brian’s bona fides are attached. Brian and David have known each other since Brian was at the University of Michigan Medical School before moving to Brown University/LifeSpan as Chair of Emergency Medicine, and subsequently returning to Michigan where he served as a member of the Faculty of Emergency Medicine and as Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs (and as interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for one year) during the past five years.

MyPrimeTimeCoach, LLC (MPTC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of PEC. The Principal of MPTC is Linda P. Bachrach. MPTC provides life coaching and related services to women and men pursuing clarity in their career and career transitions, including from work to life-beyond-work.


David and Linda, Allen and Brian all enjoy their leadership coaching work and plan to continue coaching indefinitely.  The work opportunities come to them and they have not actively marketed their services in the past 20 years.  It is not the objective of this website to build coaching volume.  Rather, the website serves as a reference tool to those interested in learning about PEC/MPTC and for the Principals to communicate with the targeted population in an efficient fashion by allowing interested others to visit the site and learn more about the Principals/Associates and their ongoing (and past) work.

Further, David and Linda wish to use the site to communicate about their Scholarships and their Society of Bachrach Family Scholars & Fellows. By extension, this site may serve as a vehicle to allow the Bachrach Family Scholars & Fellows to maintain connections to one another in the future, even beyond David and Linda’s involvement in the program.

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