What is a Physician Executive's Coach?

The Coach is skilled in the art and science of leadership and management, and is trained to help physician executives build their capabilities and refine their skills.

The Coach works with the senior medical executive in a healthcare organization, and/or with one or more physician leaders within the organization, to determine current capabilities and identify the need for essential skills that are lacking, or may need further development in order for the physician executive to excel.

The Coach may work with a physician who wishes to prepare him/herself for his/her first leadership position, or a more senior leadership role, and may assist in the development and execution of a recruitment strategy. The Coach may assist the physician evaluate and respond to job offers.

How Will The Coach Help Me?

The Coach will work with the physician executive to conduct a thorough assessment of his/her skill set and identify his/her strengths and weaknesses. They will collaborate in the development of a work plan for knowledge acquisition and skill development.

The Coach will help the physician executive examine the organization of his/her work setting, including the management structure, and will offer appropriate guidance to the physician executive as s/he contemplates changes.

The Coach will work with the physician executive to establish practices and systems for communication, resource allocation and decision-making within the context of the organization's rules and practices.

Coaching is intensive at first, but the strength and value of the relationship comes from continuing guidance and reinforcement over a period of time; often several years.

While the physician executive is likely to become increasingly effective over time, the availability of the Coach to help the physician executive on an ongoing basis as h/she contemplates issues and alternatives is one of the principal long-term values of the coaching relationship.

What results might I expect?


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