The Meaning of the Ten Blocks in the Physician Executive Coach's Logo

Physicians who have succeeded as clinicians, scientists and scholars, and who choose to pursue leadership roles clearly have the intellect and energy to be successful in their chosen role.  At the outset, however, they may not have all elements of the knowledge required, and often lack a fully developed set of skills with which to successfully apply the necessary knowledge.


The 'pile of blocks' represents the potential held by each Physician Executive at the outset.  It is the role of the Physician Executive's Coach to help the Candidate assess, evaluate, develop and assemble this potential in a meaningful fashion. Together they will put the necessary foundation elements in place and build upon this foundation as the Candidate masters the knowledge and skills necessary to become an exceptional leader.  The Physician Executive Coach's logo is a stair-step 'stack of blocks' representing the successful alignment of knowledge and skills achieved by the Candidate as a result of their work together.  Each block represents a different element:

Maintaining and Communicating the organization's Mission

Developing and Communicating Your Vision for the organization

Expressing Your Values

Stating Your Goals & Objectives

Implementing Your Tactics

Communicating Effectively

Providing Meaningful Evaluation & Feedback to Others

Maintaining a Balance of Activities in One's Life

Effective Time Management

Creating a Legacy

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