David J. Bachrach has been trained in the Birkman Method® and is certified to administer and Interpret Birkman® instruments.

Birkman® Profile and Assessment Instrument

Birkman® International, Inc. provides the leading comprehensive methodology for human understanding to optimize personal, team and organizational performance.

The Birkman Method® gives individuals and organizations unequaled insight into behavioral cause and effect within corporate structures, institutions, families and one-on-one relationships. The Birkman Method® provides both invaluable knowledge and a realistic means to manage positive, productive change.  

At the heart of its time-proven methodology lies The Birkman Method®, founded by Dr. Roger Birkman.  The Birkman Method® measures perceptions and helps neutralize misperceptions that affect the performance of individuals who ultimately control the success potential of your organization.

Since 1951 The Birkman Method® has brought dramatic, strategic change to a long list of individuals and high performance corporations worldwide. Today, facilitated by constantly updated tools at the forefront of technology, Birkman International can cite a continuing history of success that's changed the future for over 2,000,000 people!

The text above is from the Birkman Web Page which can be viewed at: http://www.birkman.com.

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