Bachrach Family Scholars and Lectureship

In his remarks at the MGMA 2007 Harry J. Harwick Lifetime Achievement Award presentation, David spoke to the three overlapping phases of life: Learning … Earning … Returning.  As a part of his and Linda’s commitment to Returning, they have established, or are now in the process of establishing, three endowed scholarships and one endowed lectureship.  These are described below. 


Making a decision to establish these scholarships and lectureship program during their lifetime was a choice they felt comfortable making.  It meant diverting some annual income from ‘consumption’ and savings each year for this purpose.  The reason they did so was so that they could reap the enjoyment of meeting and knowing, as well as counseling and guiding, the Bachrach Scholars in the near term, as the alternative was to establish the scholarships as bequests to be funded following their deaths and never enjoying the experience of watching these young people develop. The endowed lectureship program in Spirituality and the Environment will commence in 2012 and David and Linda will have a chance to shape it during its formative years.  Additional contributions to the corpus of the endowments may be made in later years while David and Linda are still living.


The Bachrach Family Scholarships and Endowed Programs currently in place, or to be fully funded by 2017 include:


The Bachrach Family Scholarship for Excellence in Healthcare Administration

This scholarship, created in 2003, is managed by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and its certification (academic) sister association, the American College of Medical Practice Executives.  It provides a one year award (currently $3000) to a second year student in an accredited program in healthcare administration.  Preference is given to students whose completion of such a program would not likely be possible without such support.  The scholarship has been awarded consistently since 2004.  Recipients include students from Ohio State University (2004/5); University of Minnesota (2005/6); University of Southern California (2006/7); University of Memphis (2007/8); Cornell University (2008/9; and University of Southern California (2009/10).


Additional support of this scholarship is gratefully appreciated.  Tax deductible gifts may be made by interested parties by communicating with MGMA/ACMPE as below:


Ms Melissa Emdin
Scholarship Program Coordinator
Medical Group Management Association/
American College of Medical Practice Executives

Attn: Bachrach Family Scholarship
Englewood, CO 80112-5306
Toll-free 877.275.6462, ext. 232



The Bachrach Family Scholarship in Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School


David and Linda both worked at the University of Michigan during the 12 years they lived in Ann Arbor.  For the opportunities that the University provided them, they wished to show their gratitude and support by endowing a medical student scholarship.  The current level of funding will provided a $5,000 per year scholarship for four years to a medical student who will clearly benefit from this support (in 2008 the average medical student graduated with $140,000 in debt).


The first Bachrach Family Scholar in Medicine is Alejandra La Verne, a 2009 graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Alejandra is scheduled to complete her MD degree in 2013.


The Bachrach Family Scholarship at Ithaca College

David and Linda met at Ithaca College during the summer of 1967.  Linda began there as a Freshman the prior fall and David transferred to Ithaca prior to his Sophomore year.  They dated and then married during August prior to their senior year.  They completed their bachelors degrees on time and left Ithaca in 1970 for graduate school at the University of Missouri.


David and Linda have pledged to endow a scholarship for a student for whom this support will make possible the completion of their undergraduate degree.  It may be awarded for one to four years.  A funding plan is in place that will make possible the first award in the fall of 2017. 


The Bachrach Family Endowed Lectureship Program on Spirituality and the Environment


David and Linda moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1998.  They chose Boulder for several reasons but were drawn, in part, to its natural beauty and the proximity it offered to an accessible environment.  They were drawn also to the community for what it offered in the way of intellectual stimulation and its respect for the proper and balanced interface with nature.  They quickly came to appreciate that there was something special about this place and decided that this was where they would spend the rest of their lives.


Both David and Linda have long felt a strong connection to the spirituality that resides in nature and want to share that sense with others who feel similarly.  They believe that such spirituality transcends organized religion and dates to the beginning of humankind.  Each of the organized religions has drawn upon these factors in many ways to tell their story from their particular perspective.  The common theme of nature is worthy of exploration and discussion allowing for us to better understand the value of nature in our spiritual selves.  Accordingly, David and Linda are endowing a biennial lectureship in Spirituality and the Environment to be delivered every other year in Boulder, Colorado beginning in 2012.  The program will be ecumenical in nature and people of all faiths, and of no faith, will be invited to attend and participate.  A portion of the weekend program will be focused specifically for children and young adults to broaden their view as they develop their values and position on the subject.


Supplemental funding will be provided from other sources in the formative years of the program.

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